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The Town of Whiteland has 27.86 miles of road that are maintained by the employees of the Street Department. These men repair and patch streets and are responsible for snow removal.

The Street Department is also responsible for the storm sewers. Curb inlets sometimes get clogged with leaves and debris; homeowners are encouraged to keep these inlets clear, to help the Street Department, as they cannot get around to all inlets immediately during a storm. The Street Department would like to thank those who help in this effort.

During snow/ice events the Whiteland Street Department strives to keep the citizens and visitors of Whiteland safe on town streets by plowing, using chemical compounds such as road salt, and calcium chloride to deice town streets. From time to time snow or ice events become very wet and become heavy enough to take mailboxes off posts and sometimes take mailbox posts down altogether. The Street Superintendent will investigate each of these complaint but generally unless a town snowplow actually strikes the mailbox or post, we cannot be responsible for snow coming off our blades that take off mailboxes or take down mailbox posts. The general speed for snow plowing in our trucks is generally 20 miles per hour on town streets, so if you see a truck that is, in your opinion, speeding please call the Street Superintendent at (317) 535-6359 or (317) 535-5531. Because snow plowing is a necessity to assure public safety, we also want to minimize any damage that occurs during our street cleaning operation.

The Town of Whiteland has purchased a totally refurbished street sweeper/storm drain catch basin cleaner that has been placed in service and currently streets are swept on Fridays of every week. A program to clean storm sewer catch basins is also in place to help storm sewers drain properly to creeks and/or legal drains that take water away from the Town. Any questions regarding this matter can be directed to the Street Superintendent, at (317) 535-6359 or (317) 535-5531.

Regular office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To report a problem with streets, or storm sewers during working hours, call (317) 535-5531. For the Street Department emergency, after hours number, call (317) 530-0222.

The Street Department is not responsible for legal drains, which are Brewer Ditch and Scott Highbridge Ditch within the Town’s limits. These legal drains are maintained by the Johnson County Drainage Board. If you have questions about legal drains within Johnson County or Whiteland call the Johnson County Surveyor’s office at (317) 346-4341.

Street Cut/bore permits are required by anyone, including utilities, that will be cutting a street or bore in the Town’s right-of-way. Click here to obtain a street cut permit application and to read what the Town requires to obtain a permit. This permit application also would include street closures, lane closures, temporary entrances off public right-of-ways and permanent driveways.

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