Town Hall Hours

Regular office hours are
a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

549 Main Street, Whiteland
(317) 535-5531


Water customer policy manual

From time to time, many Whiteland water customers have questions regarding service policies, high usage, utility billing, and other aspects of the water department. To aid in answering these questions and to provide other useful information in a concise and unified manner, the department has prepared a Water Department Customer Policy Manual.

waterdeptpolicycover-feb2015The manual includes:

  • Contact information
  • Answers to common billing questions
  • Water meter information
  • Recommendations on checking for high usage or leaks
  • Shut off requests
  • Cold weather tips
  • Fire hydrant flushing information

Click here for the Water Department Customer Policy Manual (pdf)

We hope that this is useful for our customers and that it helps to answer at least the most common questions at your leisure. If, however, the manual is not clear enough or does address your question, please call the utility billing clerk at 530-0201 or the water superintendent at 530-0217, and they will be glad to assist you.

US 31 Visual preference survey

In December, the Town held a workshop seeking input as part of the planning process to develop a plan for the US 31 corridor in Whiteland. Because of the holidays, the turnout for the workshop was significantly lower than in the previous workshop. So to offer the opportunity for a broader input from those unable to attend, the main topic of the workshop, a visual preference survey, is now online. The survey will help to gauge what aesthetic measures, uses, and other features respondents think would be appropriate along US 31. 

Continue reading to go to the survey.

Continue reading US 31 Visual preference survey

Credit card payments now accepted

The Town of Whiteland is happy to announce that we will accept credit card payments beginning February 2, 2015. 

Credit cards are accepted in person at the Town Hall and at the Police Department during regular  business hours. Payments over the phone (not voicemail) and online are also available. For online payments, follow the link in the box to the right (link will not be active until the morning of Feb. 2).

credit_card_montageIn addition to being able to pay utility bills, cards may be used for any fee or bill such as building permits, police reports, filing fees, copy charges, etc.

This service is being provided by, a nationally-known company headquartered on the south side of Indianapolis. Through our deal with them, there was no cost to the Town to implement this service. 

Please note that a convenience fee of 3% (or $1.50 for transactions under $50.00) will be added to each transaction. This is because regulations of local government mandate that credit card service fees be passed through to the customer. If you have any questions regarding this fee, please contact or call them at 1-866-480-8552.

We hope that you find this service convenient and useful in your future transactions with the Town of Whiteland. 

Christmas tree disposal

To dispose of your real Christmas tree, you may either recycle it or put it out with your trash (note that burning is prohibited). 


recycle-tree-ad-4-X-52The Johnson County Recycling District has four locations around the county to drop off your real tree for recycling through January 11.

The locations are:

Johnson County Fairgrounds
Center Grove High School 
McCarty Mulch
Indian Creek Intermediate School

Look for directional signs to the designated drop-off point.

All decorations, tinsel, lights, etc. need to be removed.


Christmas trees may also be put out for pickup on regular trash days in January.

Republic Services requires that trees be cut into sections no more than 4′ long. Place the tree sections next to the regular trash/recycling cans for pickup.

Excess levy appeal

Earlier this year, the Town made an appeal for an excess levy of $60,000 for 2015. The Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) has reviewed the appeal, and late last week, the Town received notice that the appeal was denied.

The DLGF’s statement on the appeal is available as a pdf here.

Sewer manhole repair at Meadow Creek

Excavation next to the leaking manhole. Pumps kept the groundwater from filling the hole too quickly.

Excavation next to the leaking manhole. Pumps kept the groundwater from filling the hole too quickly.

Last week, Whiteland public works employees excavated and patched a leaky manhole on the north side of the Meadow Creek subdivision.

This manhole had been identified to have a significant amount of groundwater infiltration earlier this year.

A "before" photo of the interior of the manhole, showing groundwater pouring in from around the sewer pipe.

A “before” photo of the interior of the manhole, showing groundwater pouring in around the sewer pipe.

A patch placed on the inside of the manhole was unable to prevent the leak due to the high pressure of incoming water. Because of this, it was necessary to dig down next to the manhole and patch the leak from the outside.

This repair has reduced the amount of extraneous water in the sewer system by an estimated 20,000 gallons per day! The reduction in infiltration on rainy days will likely be even more.

For comparison, a typical single-family home generates about 10,000 gallons of wastewater per month, meaning that this one leak was equivalent to more than 50 homes.

The Whiteland wastewater department is constantly monitoring the sewer system to identify and repair conditions such as this one in order to provide customers the best service possible.