Planning and Zoning

The Planning Director is Joe Csikos to contact him call (317) 535-5531 or email at  If you have interest in development, please contact the Town Manager at (317) 535-5531 or email at 

The Building Commissioner oversees enforcement of the building code. He is Rusty Snyder and he coordinates permit review and inspections for any building projects within the Town.  To contact Rusty Snyder you can reach him at (317) 535-5531 or you may email him at

Please call to see if your building project will require a permit. Building projects that do require a building permit are, for example, decks, patios, fences, driveway extensions, room additions, sun rooms, etc. Some examples of those that do not require a building permit are: roof replacement, window replacement, replacing vinyl or aluminum siding, etc.

Garage sale, yard sale signs are only permitted to be displayed on the premises where the garage sale/yard sale is being conducted. No posting of signs on telephone poles, stop signs, street signs or any other type of “public” sign posts is allowed and will be removed. Continued violation of the Whiteland Town Code regarding signs could result in penalties up to $300.00 per day and each day such violation shall occur will be deemed a separate offense. If you need to ask questions regarding this issue, call the Whiteland Planning Director at (317) 535-5531.

“Yard signs” displayed on commercial and industrial properties are considered “temporary signs” that require a sign permit as required by the Whiteland Zoning Code. “Yard signs” displayed on residential properties for things like “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, “Happy Anniversary”, etc., for a period generally not exceeding 7 days are permissible without a permit up to 6 times per year. Any questions concerning this issue can be answered by the Planning Director at (317) 535-5531.


The Plan Commission and staff during a meeting

Plan Commission members

  • Tim Brown
  • Dave Gabbard
  • Richard Hill
  • Gary Howard
  • Andy Marker
  • Byron Temple
  • Josh Wade

Board of Zoning Appeals members

  • Richard Hill
  • Leslie Beeson
  • Juanita Emery
  • Byron Temple
  • Vacant

Redevelopment Commission members

  • Katy Cavaleri
  • Todd Clayton
  • Scot Ford
  • David Hawkins
  • Charles Howard
  • Isaac Brewer, non-voting school board representative

Planning and Zoning documents

For land use applications (rezonings, variances, etc.) and building permit applications, go to the Applications page.

Town Zoning Map (8×5″x11″ size, updated April 2013)

Matrix of permitted uses by zoning district (updated Oct 2014)

Whiteland Comprehensive Plan (adopted 2011)

Zoning Code (updated April 2013)

Sign Code

Town of Whiteland Code of Ordinances

Town of Whiteland Post Archives

Town of Whiteland
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After-hours utility emergencies:
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