Visions for US 31 planning workshop

On November 19th, the Whiteland planning department will be hosting a visioning workshop on the vision for US 31 in Whiteland.

US 31 in Whiteland

US 31 in Whiteland today

This is the next step after the Comprehensive Plan’s recommendation to create an “image” and “identity” for the Town. After all, US 31 is “us”.

This will be the first step in refining what should that image be…

Individual standalone shops? Strip development? Big boxes?
Car lots? Offices? Retail?
Brick? Stucco? Tree-lined? Broad sidewalks?
Parking lots: up front or out back?
Gateway treatments?
How can Whiteland be distinguished from New Whiteland, Greenwood, Franklin?

This will be just the formal start to developing a corridor plan for US 31. Your input will guide the long-term development of Whiteland’s most traveled, and visible, street!

Visioning US 31 Workshop
November 19, 7pm
Whiteland Town Hall
549 Main Street, Whiteland

For questions, contact Nathan Bilger, Planning Director:

Could this be US 31 in the future?

Could this be US 31 in the future?

Or this?

Or this?

Or something else entirely?

Or something else entirely?

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