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Visions for US 31 Plan Workshop #1 Summary « Town of Whiteland

Visions for US 31 Plan Workshop #1 Summary

November 19, 2014


The good/bad impressions of US 31 map

The good/bad impressions of US 31 map

On November 19, the first workshop to develop a more detailed plan for the US 31 corridor was held. Approximately 35 residents from Whiteland and New Whiteland, town officials, INDOT, and others attended. 

Prior to seating, attendees were asked to note the best and worst things about US 31 in Whiteland on green (good things) and pink (bad things) post-its and place them on a map of the US 31 corridor. The resultant “Impressions” map is shown to the right and the text of the comments are below.

Presentation (workshop presentation pdf):

The Director of Planning and Zoning led the workshop. After a welcome and introductions, he described the planning process and how this workshop fit in. To give background on the issues facing US 31, there was a brief history of the development of the highway, its relationship to the location of Whiteland, and the growth of businesses along the road. Also highlighted were recent events that have emphasized the need for a vision and detailed plan for the US 31 corridor.


The principles of a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats exercise were given, and how it would help to gauge the present condition of the US 31 corridor. The attendees then viewed a video drive-through along US 31 and noted strengths and weaknesses of the highway.

At the conclusion of the video, each table presented their observed strengths and weaknesses. These were discussed by the audience.

The discussion of opportunities and threats was a more informal discussion among the audience members, resulting in several items in each category. A complementary video drive-through from the opposite direction was played during this discussion. The listed points of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are below.

There were some closing remarks, an overview of upcoming meetings, and appreciation for everyone’s attendance and contributions.


Results of the SWOT exercise

Results of the SWOT exercise

This is the list of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the development of US 31 that were identified during the workshop.


Flow of traffic

Availability of land

Curb appeal of Rascal’s, Masterpiece Classic Cars, CVS

Visibility of businesses

Grassy median, some trees

High school visibility

I-65 interchange: increased traffic on Whiteland Road, increased business viability on US 31

Water tower


No location definition

Where are things? No wayfinding/directions

Traffic flows well because there is nothing to go to

Very little effective advertising for the local businesses

Westside residential abuts US 31 with no buffer

Mr. D’s

House separations of less than 12’

No retail visibility

No clear boundaries of retail/shopping vs. service/office

Hole at the NW corner of intersection of US 31/Tracy Rd

Too many signs: too busy/distracting/cluttered

Easy to dismiss signs

No unification/unified look

School traffic onto 31, timing of traffic

Lack of beautification, especially in the medians

No consolidation of Whiteland-New Whiteland

No identity

Speed limit lowered? Stoplight needed?

Speeding, inattentive driving

No walking ability for students, no designated safe crossing

Street lighting is poor

No rooftops to support business growth


Buffering at residential

Joint gateway treatment, beautification with New Whiteland

Really nice sign


Unreasonable land prices

Increasing traffic from the north

Speeding, speed limit enforcement


Good/Bad impressions of US 31 map results

These are the comments made on the good/bad impressions map.

Good Impressions Map Location Bad Impressions Map Location
CVS CVS Fragmented business and many entrances with cars in and out  
Intersection of US 31/Whiteland Rd turn lanes   Traffic too fast  
Good traffic flow   Lack of retail/rooftops  
4-lane Highway 31   Wishing Well Wishing Well
Lots of traffic   No continuity with buidlings Briar Hill Drive
Vacant ground with potential for new (modern) development   Mr. D’s Mr. D’s
Mr. D’s needs sold   Mr. D’s building Mr. D’s
Turn lanes at stoplight US 31/Whiteland Rd intersection Mr. D’s building and lot Mr. D’s
CVS/Marathon US 31/Whiteland Rd intersection Looks trashy Mr. D’s
Mr. D’s   Mr. D’s Mr. D’s property not sold Mr. D’s
US 31/ Whiteland Rd intersection   Mr. D’s/abandoned gas station Mr. D’s
Busy traffic   Mr. D’s Mr. D’s
Kacey’s   Mr. D’s Mr. D’s
Traffic moves well with a good speed limit   Outdated development  
Expansive US 31 frontage   Access control Tracy South Drive
High school   More business  
Good traffic flow   Need more homes  
Traffic moves well     Not pleasing to the eye  
Rascal’s   2 towns should be unified as 1  
    Mr. D’s building corner still looks very trashy  
    Drainage next to 31, both sides  

Upcoming meetings

The vision and development of the plan for US 31 will continue to be discussed at the meetings below. The next public input workshop is December 17.

December 2, Plan Commission. Update and discussion of the workshop.

December 17, public workshop. Additional input on more refined details that may apply to US 31.

January 6, Plan Commission. Update and discussion of the workshop. Additional workshops may be scheduled if the input made so far warrants further broad discussion.

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