Town Council

All  Town Council meetings are held at the Whiteland Town Hall at 7 p.m. Regular Council meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month, except as noted. Special meetings and workshops may be scheduled as needed.






Agendas Minutes





January 10


Board of Finance Agenda


Voucher Packet

Fund Report

Revenue Report


Resolution 2017-01

Resolution 2017-02


February 14 Agenda  Minutes

Voucher Packet

Fund Report

March 14 Agenda  Minutes

Voucher Packet

Fund Report

Ordinance 17-01

April 11

April 29*


Notice of Special Meeting 4-29-2017

Apr. 11 Minutes

Apr. 29 Minutes

Voucher Packet

Fund Report

Revenue Report

Ordinance 17-02

Exhibit A

Resolution 2017-03

May 9 Agenda  Minutes

Voucher Packet

Fund Report

Revenue Report

Ordinance 17-03 and 17-04

June 1*

June 13

June 1st Agenda

June 13th Agenda

June 1st Minutes 

June 13th Minutes

 Voucher Packet

Fund Report

Revenue Report

Interlocal Agreement Draft
July 11 Agenda   

Voucher Packet

Fund Report

Revenue Report 

Resolution 2017-04 
August 8        
September 12        
October 10        
November 14        
December 12        








Agendas     Minutes     Voucher Packets Other Materials
January 11  Agenda

Board of Finance Minutes

Council Minutes

Council Minutes 12/14/15

Voucher Packet December 2015

Revenue December 2015

Fund report December 2015


February 8 Agenda  Minutes Voucher Packet January 2016

Introduction to Ordinance 2016-01 

Ordinance 2016-01 Financial Overview

Revenue January 2016

Fund Report January 2016

March 14 Agenda  Minutes Voucher Packet February 2016

Revenue February 2016

Fund Report February 2016

April 11  Agenda


Amended Minutes

Voucher Packet March 2016

Revenue March 2016

Fund Report March 2016

May 9  Agenda  Minutes Voucher Packet April 2016

Council Resolution 2016-02-Joint Resolution RDC 2016-01-Council 2016-03-April Building Commissioners Report

Ordinance 2016-03 – Cash Change Fund

June 7

Special Meeting

Agenda  Minutes    
June 13 Agenda  Minutes Voucher Packet

Revenue May 2016

Fund Report May 2016

Council Resolution 2016-04

July 11  Rescheduled      
July 26  Agenda  Minutes Voucher Packet  
August 8  Agenda  Minutes Voucher Packet July 2016  2017 Budget Calendar
September 12

Council Agenda

RDC Agenda

(Public Hearing to Follow Immdiately After Council Meeting) 

 Minutes Voucher Packet August 2016  
October 11 (Tuesday)  Agenda  Minutes Voucher Packet September 2016  
November 14  Agenda  Minutes Voucher Packet November 2016  
December 12  Agenda Minutes  Voucher Packet December 2016

Ordinance 2016-08

Fund Report November 2016






Agendas Minutes Voucher Packets Other materials
January 12 Board of Finance Agenda
Council Agenda
Board of Finance Minutes
Council Minutes
Voucher 15-1 Board of Finance packet
Fund Report, 12-31-14
Ordinance 2014-12, Fireworks (revised 12/23/14)WWTP project, change order #2

Whiteland & Graham Force Main Quote
WWTP project, pay request #5
February 9 Agenda Minutes (revised) Voucher 15-2 Fund Report, 1-31-15
Ordinance 2014-12, Fireworks (revised 12/23/14)

WWTP project, pay request #6
WWTP project, Wessler insp. invoice
2015 1782 Notice
Resolution 2015-01
March 9 Agenda Minutes Voucher 15-3 Fund Report, 2-28-15
WWTP-Wessler Eng. Pay Request
April 13 Agenda Minutes Voucher 15-4 Fund Report, 3-31-15
BZA position statements of interest
Fee waiver request (CPCS)
WWTP project, pay request #7
May 11 Agenda Minutes Voucher 15-5 Fund Report, 4-30-15
Ordinance to Amend Animal Control Enforcement Provisions
Summary of proposed changes in Animal Control Ordinance
WWTP–Wessler Eng. pay request
Graves Bros change order request
June 8 Agenda Minutes Voucher 15-6 Fund Report, 5-31-15 (unreconciled)
Fund Report, 5-31-15 (reconciled)
Ord. 2015-01, Amendment to Animal Control Enforcement Provisions (1st reading)
Ord. 2015-02, Amendment to Traffic Schedule (introduction)
Graves Bros pay request
Wessler pay request
July 13 Agenda Minutes Voucher 15-7 Fund Report, 6-30-15
Ord.2015-01 Animal control amendment (2nd & 3rd readings)

Ord. 2015-02 Traffic code amendment (1st reading)

Wessler pay request
August 10 Agenda Minutes Voucher 15-8 Fund Report, 7-31-15
Ord. 2015-02 Traffic code amendment, revised (2nd & 3rd readings)
Wessler pay request
September 14 Agenda Minutes Voucher 15-9 Fund Report, 8-31-15
Ord. 2015-04, 2016 Tax Rate
Ord. 2015-05, 2016 Salaries
Ord. 2015-06, Establishing Community Day Fund
Wessler pay request
October 13 (Tuesday, special meeting, 6:30pm) Agenda Minutes    
October 13 (Tuesday, regular meeting) Agenda


Amended Minutes

Voucher 15-10 Fund Report, 9-30-15
Ord. 2015-04, Tax Rate
Ord. 2015-05 2016 Salaries
Ord. 2015-03, Flood Hazard Areas
Proposed Amended Chapter 151 (redline changes)
November 9 Agenda Minutes Voucher 15-11 Fund Report, 10-31-15
Ord. 2015-05 2016 Salaries
Ord. 2015-03, Flood Hazard Areas
Wastewater 2016 budget
Water 2016 budget
2016 Meeting Schedule
2016 Holiday Schedule
December 14 Agenda  Minutes   Ord. 2015-07 Trash fees



Meeting Dates

Agendas Minutes Voucher Packets Other materials
January 13 Board of Finance Agenda
Council Agenda
Board of Finance Minutes
Council Minutes
February 10 Agenda Minutes    
March 10 Agenda Minutes    
April 14 Agenda Minutes Voucher 14-4 Packet
April 21 (special meeting) Agenda Minutes    
May 12 Agenda Minutes Voucher 14-5 Packet
June 9 Agenda Minutes Voucher 14-6 Packet
July 14 Agenda Minutes (revised) Voucher 14-7 June 2014 funds report
Johnson County Development Corp. contract
Ordinance 2014-06, bond issuance authorization
Ordinance 2014-07, reestablishing CCD fund
Ordinance 2014-05, salary ordinance (revised)
July 28 (special meeting) Agenda Minutes N/A Ordinance 2014-06, bond issuance authorization
Memo regarding Ord. 2014-06
Ordinance 2014-07, reestablishing CCD fund
August 11 Agenda
Executive session agenda
Minutes Voucher 14-8 Ordinance 2014-08, establishing the Advancement Allocation Area TIF fund
Ordinance 2014-09, Additional Appropriation Ordinance for $350K from Bonds
Police summary July 2014

Utility summary July 2014
August 18 (budget workshop) Canceled      
September 4, 5:30pm (budget workshop) Agenda Memo of meeting    
September 8 Agenda (revised) Minutes Voucher 14-9 Ordinance 2014-08, establishing Advancement Allocation Area TIF Fund
Ordinance 2014-09, Additional Appropriation Ordinance for $350K from Bonds
Fund report August 2014
Utility summary August 2014
Police summary August 2014
Note: the Oakville commercial rezoning request has been withdrawn by the petitioner.
September 17, 11:30am (invited to special presentation at Endress+Hauser) McCallum Sweeney Duke Energy Presentation agenda Memo of meeting attendance    
October 14 (Tuesday) Agenda
Executive Session Notice
Minutes Voucher 14-10 Fund report Sept 2014
Police summary Sept 2014
Utilities summary Sept 2014
Traffic code update (draft)
WWTP invoice #2
Water budget 2015

Wastewater budget 2015
October 27 (special meeting) Agenda Minutes   2014 budget ordinance
Wastewater budget 2015
Fireworks ordinance (introductory draft only–to be discussed on 11/10)
November 10 Agenda Minutes Voucher 14-11 Fund report Oct 2014
Oct 2014 Police summary

Oct 2014 Utility summary
Oct 2014 Building Commissioner report
Traffic schedule ordinance, 1st reading
WWTP Invoice #3

Fireworks ordinance, 1st reading

2015 Salary Ordinance
2015 Meeting and Holiday calendars

2015 Wastewater budget tabled to Dec.
November 19 (planning workshop) Workshop agenda      
December 8 Agenda Minutes Voucher 14-12 Fund report Nov 2014
Ordinance 2014-11, Amending the Traffic Code
Ordinance 2014-12, Fireworks (new version)
Ordinance 2014-13, Salary Ordinance
Ordinance 2014-14, Vacation of Right-of-Way
Resolution 2014-07, Support for Coalition Brownfields Application
Brownfields Grant Application Support Letter
WWTP Invoice #4
2015 Wastewater budget (revised)
Ordinance 2014-15
Ordinance 2013-11
Exhibit A for Ord. 2013-11
December 16 (executive session) Agenda      
December 17 (planning workshop) Workshop agenda      
December 30, 4pm Agenda Minutes Voucher 14-13  





Agendas Minutes
January 14 Agenda Minutes
February 11 Agenda Minutes
February 19 (workshop) Agenda N/A
March 11 Agenda Minutes
April 8 Agenda Minutes
May 13 Agenda Minutes
May 20 (special meeting) Agenda Minutes
June 10 (cancelled) Agenda N/A
July 8 Agenda Minutes
July 18 (work session) Agenda N/A
August 12 Agenda Minutes
September 9 Agenda Minutes
September 17 (workshop) Agenda Minutes
September 23 (budget hearing) Agenda Minutes
October 14 Agenda Minutes
November 12 (Tuesday) Agenda Minutes
November 21 (special meeting) Agenda Minutes
December 9 Agenda Minutes
December 30 (special meeting, 4pm) Agenda Minutes

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