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July 13 storm damage cleanup « Town of Whiteland

July 13 storm damage cleanup

On Monday, July 13, Whiteland was hit by two strong thunderstorms in less than twelve hours. While the damage experienced by the Town was not as extensive as in areas to the south, a few homes did sustain wind damage, and numerous trees, branches, and limbs were knocked down.

The Town began cleanup of these downed branches and limbs from public streets after the first storm passed Monday afternoon. By Tuesday morning, all streets appeared to be cleared of any limbs or branches. However, if a tree has fallen onto a public street and has not yet been removed, please call the Town Hall at 535-5531 to let us know.

Limb and branch pickup

Using the new grappling truck to aid in storm damage cleanup, July 14, 2015

Using the new grappling truck to aid in storm damage cleanup in Oakville, July 14, 2015.

The full-scale cleanup operation started late Tuesday morning using a new-to-us grappling truck, the purchase of which was coincidentally approved by the Council about an hour before the second storm hit Monday night. Using this truck makes the pickup process much more efficient and safer than manually cleaning the debris. We estimate that it should allow us to do at least two rounds of the town in the time it would have taken to do the first pass by hand, with less personnel.

If you have limbs and branches to be picked up, please follow these guidelines:

  • Please trim branches and limbs to no longer than 8 feet in length.
  • Please move appropriate-sized limbs and sticks into a neat pile near the curb or near the street, but not in the street. 
  • Please try to keep pile(s) at least 2 feet away from mailboxes, fire hydrants, water meters/valves, manholes, and storm drains.
  • Please do not place wire, rope, brush, or any other trash in the pile.

We expect to be picking up debris through the end of the week, and possibly into the first of next depending on the amount of material remaining.

Building damage

For those who may have sustained roof or other storm damage to homes or buildings, most minor repairs (for example, shingle or siding replacement) do not require a building permit. However, if you have any questions about building damage, please call 530-0205 to discuss any possible requirements.

If you are uncertain about a contractor soliciting damage repair business, we do have requirements for door-to-door solicitation that cane help to ensure they are legitimate. Please call the Town Hall at 535-5531 to check on their registration status.

We hope that these services help to keep the Whiteland community moving forward.

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