Town Business Hours

Regular office and utility hours are
a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

549 Main Street, Whiteland
(317) 535-5531

After-hours utility emergencies:
(317) 535-6359

Pleasant Township Trustees Office

Located at 60 N. Railroad St. (317) 535-7571


Water Department

Regular business hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For problems during business hours, please call (317) 535-5531.

Whiteland Utilities after hours, weekends, and holidays emergency telephone number is (317) 535-6359.

Water Department workers excavating an old buried water valve.

Water Department workers excavating an old buried water valve.



The Town of Whiteland began providing public water service to its residents in the 1940s. A series of deep wells around town supplied ample amounts of clean drinking water. However, with ongoing maintenance of the wells and proper treatment always a concern, a decision was made to purchase water from an outside company rather than supply it all ourselves.

Today, the Town’s drinking water is purchased wholesale exclusively from Indiana-American Water Company from their facilities in Greenwood. Usage depends on the season, and currently fluctuates between about 300,000 gallons per day in the winter to nearly 450,000 per day in the summer. 

In January of 2011, the Whiteland Water Works placed into service a new 300,000 gallon tank located near the Whiteland Wastewater Treatment Plant (northeast of Park Forest). This additional water tower gives the Town a total storage capacity of 600,000 gallons and will ensure adequate water pressure in the southwest part of Town, as well as bolstering the supply of water to the entire town for drinking water and fire fighting.

Summer sewer rate program

Whiteland implements an annual program that gives residential customers a break on sewer bills starting with the July 1st  bill. This program runs for 4 months in the summer and is called the Summer Sewer Rate. This program uses the average of 5 winter months (November, December, January, February and March) and a set sewer rate is established for the 4 months in the summer. If your water usage is less than the established sewer rate is, the sewer rate will be lower. If you have any questions regarding this program, call the utility clerk at (317) 535-5531.


The Town Council sets the water utility rates. In addition, the Town has adopted a water rate “tracker”. The “tracker” provides for automatic increases in the water base rate when Indiana-American Water Company increases their rate to Whiteland Water Works. Whiteland Water Works buys water “wholesale” from Indiana-American Water Company.

The Whiteland Utilities billing clerk is Alex Krutz. If you have a question about your utility bill or to request information, call her at (317) 535-5531, or email at

Reports and Posts

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